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MATT ', SuitePro-G's secure voice assistant for PMOs, Managers

Improve your project visibility
with MATT'!

By pronouncing “Talk to SuitePro-G”, the “wake-up word” of our virtual assistant MATT', it is possible to ask about the progress of the projects to which I am affected, such as:

The number and the name of current projects

The number and the name of overdue projects

The name of the next 3 projects due

The number and name of the next 3 projects to start

MATT ', SuitePro-G's secure voice assistant
SuitePro-G Project Management Software

On top of that!


Best of all, thanks to MATT’, management teams no longer need to open the SuitePro-G Project Management software, they can simply ask MATT' via Google Assistant. As a result, MATT 'consolidates and transmits the data.


This is the BtoB equivalent of Google Home: a natural voice command is enough to cross-reference a large amount of complex data.

There are a variety of other orders available, all of which have the same goal: to make reporting and project visibility easier. In fact, MATT's abilities will steadily improve as it evolves.

MATT ' is SuitePro-G's secure voice assistant

How do you get MATT' to join your Project team?

Download Matt'

Download the Google Assistant app from the App Store or Google Play

You must have a @gmail account. But who doesn't have a Gmail account nowadays?

Project Management

So, are you ready to arm yourself with a virtual ally in project management?

Become one of the 10 000 SuitePro-G users and give voice to your projects.

Matt' voice assistant
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